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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Accent Colors That Complement Brown

Accent Colors That Complement Brown

Are you looking for interior design colors that go with brown? Whether you're looking to match items with your existing furniture or wall color, you may be stumped when complementing the ultimate earthy hue. While the color brown can seem challenging to accent, particularly if it's the dominant scheme in a space, the good news is that with a few simple tips and tricks, you can be well on your way to creating an inviting living area, intriguing and cozy. All with a beautiful color pallet to suit any taste.

In addition to choosing the right pop colors to accent a brown-themed room, there are also various textures, patterns, and materials that can elevate your interior landscape. At Mor Furniture for Less, our friendly and knowledgeable design experts are here to help you create the home of your dreams. We can answer questions such as "What are the best colors that go with brown?" "How can I make my space more stylish?" and "What pieces are right for the room I'm decorating?"

Keep reading to learn more about how to complement brown furniture, walls, and finishings in a stylish, modern, and upscale way. Brown may be a traditional color, but there are countless ways that you can put a whole new spin on the theme.

4 Schemes & Colors That Go with Brown

It may surprise you that brown is a neutral color, which means virtually any other accent you wish to bring into play is bound to match. However, it's crucial that you use pop colors correctly to avoid a space that looks overcrowded, cluttered, or cramped. If you introduce too much of a color or a mix of the wrong colors into a room, it can cause the space to feel much smaller than it is and may make the area feel overwhelming and unwelcoming.

Before choosing which colors to bring into the space, consider which shades of brown you're trying to match. There are deep espressos, warm tans, natural wicker and rattan, and rich oak. From dark to light, each brown requires a unique pairing to look its very best.

When it comes to colors that go with brown, here are our designers' top four favorites–plus tips on how to incorporate them into your room. Use these tips to create a living space that looks flawless, effortless, and anything but boring.

Constantine Sofa & Loveseat in Gold

Warm Reds and Deep Rusts

Nothing says cozy and comfortable like a chocolate brown room that features warm reds and deep rust hues. Consider adding red drapery or rust-colored accents throughout the space if you have deep brown walls. Since you'll be adding several bold colors, you'll also need to leave room for everything to breathe. You can accomplish this goal by painting a bright white ceiling or adding a white area rug to the room.

If your furniture is a deep espresso or classic oak, consider throwing pillows and blankets that incorporate whites and beige along with the warmer hues. Everything looks absolutely seamless when you keep it simple and stick to this basic color palette. Your living, dining, or bedroom will have an elegant feel reminiscent of past opulent and sophisticated homes. Add modern touches with furniture that features sleek, straight lines or abstract art and tabletop decor accents for the home. Or, go all out and stick to traditional, formal pieces with deep curves, ornamental carvings, and more.

Carlota Sofa & Loveseat in Blue

Jewel Blues, Bright Teals, and Greens

Many shades of blue and teal are also colors that go with brown. Pick statement pieces, such as blue accent chairs, to go in a brown room or place bright teal accents on brown furniture. Again, when choosing bolder and brighter colors to complement brown, you want to incorporate elements of white and beige to maintain an open feel.

Adding blue and teal to an otherwise brown palette can provide a look that's either vintage or modern, depending on the pieces you choose. If you want to go the vintage route, look for items that feature metal rivets and curved lines. When selecting the modern look, geometric patterns and minimalist pieces are the routes to take.

If teal isn't your color, you can easily substitute shades of green. From deep forest greens to bright emerald hues, apply the same principles for an earthy and inviting look.

Valentino Panel Bed, Dresser, Mirror & Nightstand in Silver, Full

Pastel Pinks, Purples, and Grays

When you think of colors that go with brown, pink, and purple probably aren't high on the list. However, adding lighter shades like these, along with a soft gray, can really brighten up the space and make it look more lively. This is an excellent option if you want to make a bedroom appear more feminine, for example, but have all brown furniture.

Adding pastel pink or purple bedding with a gray area rug instantly elevates the look of the space. When you choose airy, white window coverings, your imagination will whisk you away into fairytales each time you enter.

Anastasia Upholstered Panel Bed, Dresser & Mirror in Antique Bisque

Whites, Creams, and Beige

It may seem counterintuitive to match a neutral brown palette with another neutral scheme, but trust us, this works. Particularly if you have lighter brown furniture or accents in the room, such as wicker or rattan. Adding bright, crisp whites, calming creams, and soothing beige colors to the space gives off an all-natural feel. It also keeps the room feeling light and airy, allowing light to bounce throughout the room and promoting an open sense of feeling.

This is the palette to choose if you're creating a super down-to-earth space full of natural beauty and want to bring the outside in. Rattan furniture is particularly in style these days, and when you pair it with timeless whites and creams, it will retain its charm for many years to come.

Textures and Patterns That Go with Brown

In addition to choosing the right colors to go with brown furniture or walls, you want to ensure that you also select the correct textures and patterns throughout the room. To avoid a space that looks mismatched, choose one primary material or texture and another one or two to use sparingly. A few of the most common textures to use with brown interior design themes include leather, satin or metallics, and velvet. If you pair accents with whicker and rattan, elements such as rope and twine are a perfect match.

When looking at accents such as wall hangings or framed art, use neutral metal frames such as gold or silver throughout the space or another matching shade of brown wood. This keeps the room looking cohesive. Better yet, you can choose canvas art without a frame to avoid any clashing.

Patterns can get a little trickier, and it's best to keep them simple and straightforward. In a darker-themed brown room, plaids may be acceptable. Stick to patterns such as thin stripes or muted florals if you have a room that features a lighter color scheme. Avoid designs that confuse the eye, such as polka dots or chevron, which can make a space look too busy.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

At Mor Furniture for Less, we have friendly and knowledgeable design experts ready to answer your questions and help create the room of your dreams. Whether you're looking for a new brown furniture set or want to find home accents and furniture to match brown walls, we're here to provide you with beautiful selections.

Our Double the Difference Guarantee ensures you'll get the best price in town on any item you buy. You can add a SafeGuard Mor Protection Plan to any purchase to provide four years of accidental damage coverage to your new items. Additionally, ask about our flexible financing plans for those who qualify.

For all design and decor questions, such as "what are the best colors that go with brown?" we're here to give you the best advice and answers. Visit Mor Furniture for Less, or browse online today and turn your house into a home.