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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Our Favorite Sofas for Sleeping and Hosting Guests

Our Favorite Sofas for Sleeping and Hosting Guests 

best sofas for sleepingWhen you think of sleeper sofas, you probably flash back to childhood sleepovers or unpleasant hotel stays. Nowadays, a sleeper sofa is one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can own. Want to host guests for a party? They'll have a place to crash, too! Do your kids want a massive sleepover in the living room? Now they have something comfortable to use! Another benefit? These pieces are great for maximizing space, especially if you live in a smaller home, like a studio apartment. Today, you'll have little to no trouble finding comfortable, and even fashionable, sofas for sleeping in your home. So, start your search to purchase one and get ready to invite over some friends and family to stay overnight. 

What to Consider When Buying a Sleeper Sofa 

After discovering that they are more than just your average air mattress, you've decided to purchase a sofa for sleeping. While these versatile pieces are obviously great for sleeping, you can also sit on them to watch TV, read a book, or simply relax with friends and family. But, when beginning your search for the perfect one for your home, there are a few things to consider: 


The last thing you want to do is trip or stub your toe when walking around your sofa for sleeping! How to avoid such a thing? Know what types of sofas will work for various room sizes. If you're looking to put a sofa in a smaller room, then we highly recommend a twin-size sofa bed. They're usually less than 5 feet wide and are great for one person. In a larger space, you'll usually have more luck because most sofas for sleeping contain queen-sized mattresses. You'll be able to find a wider variety of these sofa beds in different styles and colors!

Mattress Type

Functionality is important, but so is comfort! You'll want to consider the type of mattress that best fits you and your guests' needs for sleeping. You'll also want to consider whether the sofa will primarily be used for sitting or sleeping before purchasing. If you want to use it primarily for sleeping, look into the types of mattresses that come with it to determine what's most comfortable. 

Some common mattress types are: 

  • Gel memory foam: a soft but firm feel that typically is a cooler sleep than traditional memory foam, which works for every night use 
  • Traditional memory foam: Softer than gel memory foam and has more of a warm feel to it
  • Innerspring: traditional, standard coil mattress with additional padding in sleeper sofas 
  • Latex: A firmer and harder material that can be good for those with back pain

Additionally, there are some other questions you as the buyer and user, need to ask yourself before beginning the search for that perfect sofa:

How Will the Sofa Be Used? 

Before looking at your options, ask yourself what kind of use the sleeper sofa will get once you put it in your home. Will it be in your main living room for entertaining and guests to sleep on, if they choose? Or will it live in your office space where guests might use it occasionally? If you think it'll be used more frequently, make sure it's comfortable to sit on for a long time and matches other furniture in the room. You'll also want to check the comfort level of the mattress, too. 

What's the Size of the Room? 

The size of the room will most likely determine the size of the sofa you purchase. You'll have to take measurements, look at dimensions, and also factor in the other furniture in the space. Figure out if you can pull the sofa bed out without disturbing the other pieces in the space. Will you have to move some things around in order to make the piece fit? How tight of a fit will it be for you and a guest to walk around the sofa once it's completely open? Once you figure out the numbers, that'll help you decide how big or small you'd like the piece to be. 

What Does the Rest of the Room Look Like? 

Last but certainly not least, you have to pick something that gels with the aesthetic and color scheme of the space. Look around the room and see what colors, patterns, and/or designs would work best to fit the vibe. A solid-colored sofa usually works best in just about any space, and you can then throw on some brightly colored pillows or ones with bold patterns for an accent! 

Our Selection

Here are our top picks for sleeper sofas for entertaining and hosting guests in your home day and night!

Lucy Queen Sleeper Sofa in Splash Charcoal

Searching for something that will go well with dark designs that will also be comforting for daytime and overnight guests? Look no further than the Lucy Queen Sleeper Sofa in Splash Charcoal. This sofa for sleeping is perfect for two people to snuggle up and enjoy a relaxing time, and it also fits great with a more modern living room aesthetic! 

Cordoba Queen Sleeper Sofa in Splash Charcoal

Do you want a larger sofa with slightly more firm material? Consider our Cordoba Queen Sleeper Sofa in Charcoal, which comes fully upholstered with loose seat backs, pleated arms, and a pop-up queen-size bed. It provides the ultimate support with its foam cushions and sinuous springs and is also a great piece to go with some fun accent pillows. Look at how the two tweed patterned accent pillows complement the dark gray upholstery.

Navi Queen Sleeper Sofa

Need to maximize living space with a double-duty sofa? The Navi Queen Sleeper Sofa in Smoke has a modern style and a queen-size fold-out sleeper, which is perfect for a guest room or living room. It features a manual fold-out, which can hold any queen-size mattress you want. Its foam seat cushions create a comfortable place to relax, and the neutral shade will blend in well with any existing decor. 

Vivian Queen Sleeper Sofa in Gray Fabric

Don't have a guest room? Need a sofa that looks good in a living room and can also ensure comfortable sleep for guests? Our Vivian Queen Sleeper Sofa in Gray features a queen mattress base, durable upholstery, and a stylish transitional look, which will allow you to keep this gorgeous sleeper sofa for years to come while remaining in style. 

Oracle Queen Sleeper Sofa in Cooper Platinum

Need to make the most of limited space? This Oracle Queen Sleeper Sofa in Cooper Platinum is just the piece for you. In the daytime, this sofa offers cozy seating for three people. Once the sun sets, it can transform into a queen size bed for two or more guests. It will look great in your guest room, living room, playroom, or study. You can even add extra sleeping space to your home office if you so desire. 

Any one of these sleeper sofas is definitely worth the investment, especially if you love entertaining and want to maintain a chic modern style in your home. For more information and selections on sleeper sofas, visit the Mor Furniture site