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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/How to Create Contrast and Depth with Leather Furniture

How to Create Contrast and Depth with Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture comes in all styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Use these three tips to coordinate your Leather Furniture with the rest of your room and use contrasting design elements to create a great look.

Contrasting Wall Color

Leather Furniture often comes in neutral colors such as beiges, tans, and browns. These are the best colors for making your furniture last through the years as your taste in color changes, but can get lost in a room with similar color palettes. Try painting the room in a contrasting color and shade. If the sofa is dark brown, try a light blue or yellow. If you went for a light beige sectional, it might look great next to a darker wall.

Blending Different Leathers

One common mistake people make is trying to add onto an existing living room set with a similar leather. Often they will take home a chair or ottoman they thought matched, only to find out they are close but off. Unless you can find the same manufacturer, it might be easier to simply contrast your existing set with a piece in a completely different color. If you are building on a tan sofa, try a brown or even red chair. This will add a new element to the room and you will feel better about your addition.

Use Accent Pieces

By surrounding your leather furniture with rugs, tables, lamps, and accessories that don't necessarily blend with the shade of the leather you are creating a room that is both interesting and fun. Try pairing a brown leather living room set with a red rug or a green lamp. Brown wooden tables are safe, but this is your living room. You are allowed to express yourself.