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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Lifehacks & Tips/Creating a New Space Once Your Kids Move Out

Creating A Space Once Your Kids Move Out

It sure seems like our children grow up right before our eyes, and soon they’ll be packing up their things and moving out of the house. Before you know it, you’re an empty nester, which is something to be proud of! Although you may feel some sadness and begin to notice how quiet your house is, there’s consolation knowing you raised children who have grown up to be independent.

Now that your children are no longer living at home, it’s time to make use of the empty space they used to occupy. Bedrooms, game rooms and hangout spaces are now up for grabs, and you have the opportunity to create the room you’ve always wanted. Here are some suggestions that can help you decide how to redecorate your kid’s old room.

Keep it simple – create a guest room

If you’re not interested in starting what could be a long and tedious project, turning your child’s bedroom into an updated guest room is a great way to make use of space. Adding new bedding and replacing any childlike furniture are easy ways to transform the room, and now you’ll have additional space for company when they arrive. Check out ways to create the perfect guest room here on the blog!

Always wanted a workout room? Now’s the time to make one

Instead of a gym membership, consider creating a fitness space in your child’s old room. You may be making a short term investment on equipment, but an at-home fitness center could save you money on gym fees in the long run. Whether you create a weight lifting gym or a yoga studio, a workout room is a convenient option for those who exercise.

Turn an Old Room into a New Library

If you’ve got books laying around the house, a library could be a functional idea for an empty bedroom. Add built-in shelves to the walls or find a few stand-alone book shelves for the perfect reading area. Your new library can also function as a room for storage. Any old furniture or tchotchke can find some space there.

Furnish that Home Office You've Been Wanting

Unless you already have one in your home, a new home office is a great addition to have after your kids move out. You can even keep your child’s old bed and then add a desk and chair to create a hybrid office and guest bedroom.

Have a hobby? Designate it to its own space  

Hobbies like sewing or playing an instrument can definitely use their own space. Turn an old bedroom into a place where you can be creative without any inhibition. Remove the bedroom furnishings, and replace them with pieces that will give you inspiration.