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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Configurable Sectionals to Customize Your Living Room

configurable sectionals to customize your living room

Configurable Sectionals to Customize Your Living Room

Customized sectionals are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture when it comes to interior design. They're modular sofa configurations that allow you to change the size, arrangement, and appearance of your living room seating. Sectional couch configurations are fantastic because you can choose core pieces for your collection and swap them out or add new parts as your needs or taste change.</p> <p>Instead of a standard couch or sofa that comes all in one piece that's unalterable, a custom sectional sofa can include anywhere from one to nine pieces. These pieces are designed to go together, with matching color, upholstery, and style, but you can choose which you want.</p> <p>The most common pieces of a custom sectional sofa include corner pieces with armrests, centerpieces that can consist of consoles with storage, cupholders, USB charging ports, chaise lounge chairs for the ends, armless seating for the middle, and even recliners. No matter what type of seating arrangement you want to create, using unique sectional configurations can help you achieve the perfect seating space for your home.</p> <p>At Mor Furniture for Less, we have a vast collection of customized sectionals that you can use to create the modular sofa configurations of your choice. Choose only the pieces you want for a look and style best suited for your living space while still providing the ultimate sense of comfort.</p> <p>Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of putting a custom sectional sofa in your living room, finished basement, den, or entertaining space. We'll also review some of our favorite set-ups to help get your imagination going. Find inspiration for your next purchase and get the best local prices at Mor Furniture for Less.</p> <h2>The Benefits of Configurable Sectionals</h2> <p>There are tons of benefits to choosing different sectional configurations–the best is that you can always change up the size and arrangement of the seating space without throwing out your existing furniture and starting all over.</p> <p><strong>The benefits of placing a configurable sectional sofa in your home include the following:</strong></p> <ol> <li data-gc-list-depth=" />Versatility: With a modular sectional, you're not stuck with one sofa you can't change. You can rearrange the sections as needed, expanding or making the seating space more compact. You can add or remove pieces and swap them out for others with different features. Change a stationary end piece with an armrest into a relaxing recliner while keeping the rest of the sectional the same. Or, add an L-shaped chaise lounge on the end so you have room to spread out and kick your feet up. The possibilities are endless.


  • Make the most of your space: Every home has a different layout. You may have an open floor plan, a compact living room in an apartment, or need to keep areas with doors or pathways open. But you don't want to sacrifice the comfort or style of your seating. While singular sofas or couches don't allow you to change their size or dimensions based on your needs, you can optimize your space when you get a customized sectional. Choose which side you want the L-shaped chaise on, remove extra seating if you need the sectional in a smaller space, and get the most out of your floor space by choosing the shape that best suits the area.
  • Redecorate without re-purchasing: Everyone loves a good room refresh. If you buy a new entertainment console, you may want to switch up your seating for the best viewing option or for space's sake. With the ability to change sectional couch configurations, you can move your furniture around to get the look you want without buying a whole new living room set.

These elements make customized sectionals extremely dynamic, adaptable, and budget-friendly. They offer functionality, style, and comfort and can grow with you, always changing to meet your needs and vision.

Customized Sectionals: Inspiration from Mor Furniture for Less

Our configurable sectionals offer you a wide variety of options when creating your unique seating space. We carry a vast number of pre-packaged sectionals. Options include one-arm pieces, tux, armless seating, and wedge pieces, along with many others.

You can add individual pieces to your sectional to make it bigger or swap out components to configure your own shape and size. Additionally, choose the features you want your customized sectional to include without sacrificing the color, material, or style of the collection.

The Tampa Collection

The Tampa Collection of modular sofas offers many different arrangements. With pieces that include a one-arm loveseat, a corner wedge, and a storage chaise with hidden storage, you can make your new sectional as large or small as you want when you add additional armless loveseat pieces for more seating.

Create a modular sofa that frames a room when you add the corner wedge and add more armless loveseats on each side, and choose from ends with armrests or chaises based on the available space.

The Azul Collection

If you love recliners in the classic brown, leather-like, stuffed style, the Azul Collection at Mor Furniture for Less is for you. This collection allows you to assemble a configurable sectional sofa that's big on comfort in your desired size.

In this collection, you'll find pieces like the one-arm recliner to use as an end piece and the transitional style armless recliner as additional seating. Finish the arrangement with the chaise seat, complete with a reclining headrest, for a customized sectional that allows everyone to relax and enjoy a movie night or a lazy weekend.

The Chanell Collection

The Chanell Collection of customized sectionals is one of the most versatile lines of modular sofas here at Mor Furniture for Less. Seating options are available in varying sizes, with countless possibilities for unique additions.

For example, start with a recliner with an armrest for the end piece, and fill in as many seats as you wish with their armless chairs. Break up the arrangement with a console piece to give your living room a place to discretely store remotes, wires, and phone chargers while also providing the family a place to hold their cups.

Add a matching corner wedge to create a wrap-around style sectional, or choose armless recliners instead of stationary seats for an elevated lounge experience.

The Chanell Collection offers a complete six-piece set if you prefer to purchase the entire sectional at once. Included in the set are two arm recliners, one armless chair, one console piece, one corner wedge, and one armless recliner. Perfect for open floor plans or large living rooms that require a lot of seating and a seamless style, you can bring all the ideal pieces home at once. Of course, you can always swap out the individual parts later if you want to switch it up!

Configurable Sectionals with Sleeper Options

While shoppers don't usually associate extra sleep space with sectional sofas, you can toss that old futon or air mattress and add a customized sofa that has built-in, hidden sleeper options. Check out the Luigi Collection, which has a one-arm, full-sized, pull-out loveseat sleeper.

Our Pasadena Collection also features an armless full sleeper in a classic denim color, or the Claire Collection with an armless full-sized sleeper in gray.

*Please note that mattresses are not included.

Customized Sectional Options at Mor Furniture for Less

When building your own configurable sectional, Mor Furniture for Less has endless options. Choose from your choice of color, style, seat material, motion type, seat composition, storage options, power type, seat back type, and size.

Find options including:

  • Color: Black, blue, brown, gray, tan, and white.
  • Design style: Modern & contemporary, traditional, and transitional.
  • Seat material: Fabric, leather, and micro cast-bonded.
  • Motion type: Dropdown table, dual power recliner, manual recline, power recline, sleeper, stationary, and triple-power reclining.
  • Seat composition: Down feather, foam, and gel.
  • Sleeper options: Size full or queen.
  • Power type: Head and foot, manual, power, USB, and wireless.
  • Seat back type: Loose back, loose cushion, padded, semi-attached, and tight-back.
  • Size: Pieces ranging from small to extra-large.

Shop Customized Sectionals at Mor Furniture for Less Today

Our wide range of furniture at rock-bottom prices makes Mor Furniture for Less the place to shop. With our extensive collection of custom sofas you can customize to your needs, you won't be disappointed. We'll help you find the best pieces to fit your style and budget.

Visiting our showroom is always an exceptional experience, with knowledgeable design experts waiting to assist you with your purchase. See the sectionals you like in person, try out the seating options to find your favorite material, and get a feel for each unique piece before you bring it home.

Our double-the-difference guarantee* ensures that you always get the best pricing–if you find the same piece of furniture at a local competitor, we'll give you back the difference times two. Additionally, we offer white-glove delivery service if you'd like our technicians to fully assemble your new modular sofa arrangement in your home and SafeGuard Mor protection plans to provide coverage against accidents like spills, stains, tears, and mechanical errors for years to come.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less today to build the best customized sectional for your home.