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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/7 Decorative Mirrors to Elevate Your Space

7 Decorative Mirrors to Elevate Your Space

Using the right decorative mirror ideas can elevate your space. Mirrors can make the room look brighter, larger, and more decorative. They're always a classy touch that also serves a functional purpose. Decorative mirrors add sparkle and dazzle to a space, whether it be the living room, bedroom, foyer, or any other area you choose to hang them.

Not only can mirrors manipulate light to bring an airy feel into a room, but they can also serve as an element of home decor. With a wide array of construction materials, shapes, and sizes, there's a decorative mirror for virtually every area in the home.

At Mor Furniture for Less, we have more than 60 mirrors that you can purchase. Our friendly design associates are here to help you find the piece that best meets your needs and reflects your taste. Here are our top decorative mirror ideas to show off your style and a few favorites from our collection.

Decorative Mirror Ideas for Your Home

The most classic places for mirrors in the home include the bedroom and bathroom. These are generally strictly pieces that serve a purpose. They help you prepare in the morning, glance at yourself on the way out the door, complete your nightly skincare routine, and more. While these mirrors can certainly contain an element of design, it's not what they're known for.

Below are six decorative mirror ideas to add fashionable home accents to your living space.

1) Place a Mirror in a Small or Dark Room

Placing a mirror in a small room or a room lacking natural light is one of the most popular ways to use this home accent. It's a great idea for living spaces such as apartments or converted spaces such as work-from-home areas that may not have many windows. By hanging a mirror on the wall, it reflects and magnifies the light, enabling the room to look both larger and brighter.

2) Incorporate Mirrors as Pieces of Art

Countless mirrors display artistic features. These include mixed medium or bright colored frames, abstract designs extending from the edges, and varied shapes. Wall art with a distinct reflective property uplifts the spirit of your room. Light and graceful, these decorative mirrors add a distinctive touch to your space wherever you place them. Use them as a centerpiece on the wall as part of a greater art display or as a standalone item of decor to immediately draw the eye to the piece.

3) Use Mirrors to Add Glam

Glamorous spaces call for all things that glimmer and shine, which is exactly the purpose of decorative mirrors. Using the right decorative mirror ideas is an excellent way to go if you're looking to glitz up a room. Choose mirrors with flashy frames or a minimalist look, depending on your preference, and place them strategically throughout the room. Round mirrors and pieces with ornate soft frames are great to bring more glam into the area.

4) Balance Neutral Color Schemes and Monochromatic Spaces

Adding a decorative mirror can provide the finishing touch if you have a room that follows a particular color pallet. The reflective property allows the mirror to match any decor theme yet provides a modern look and unexpected pop of radiance. For example, choosing a mirror with a gold frame can bring in a bit of color in an otherwise matte-looking room.

5) Place Mirrors In Entryways or Over Mantels

Using decorative mirrors in your foyer or entryway can make your space feel more organized and collected while adding a refined look to the area. As guests enter your house, their eyes will likely catch the mirror first, making it one of the key ways you can show off your style immediately.

Similarly, placing a mirror over a mantel adds a polished touch to the living room. Also serving as a focal point, this type of decorative mirror gives off a chic vibe using one simple home accent. They also add a luxurious feel to the room and are an excellent opportunity to incorporate an artistic factor into the area.

6) Bring Mirrors Into Unexpected Places

Mirrors often hang on walls, but decorative pieces that feature the cool, calm, and reflective surface provide captivating, charming, and unique imaginativeness where people least expect it. How do you do this? Choose furniture with mirrors, such as mirrored bar carts, coffee and end tables, and serving trays. You can also choose art pieces such as sculptures and tabletop decor that utilize mirrors as their construction. These ideas are ideal for modern and contemporary spaces, glam-style rooms, and even vintage-inspired areas.

Decorative Mirrors at Mor Furniture for Less

At Mor Furniture for Less, you'll find a wide array of decorative mirrors to use in any area of your home. Our collection includes standing mirrors, hanging mirrors, mirrored furniture and decor pieces, and more. No matter where you wish to place them, we have a mirror to suit the space.

Below are our seven favorite decorative mirrors and a few tips on where to use them for the ultimate effect.

1) The Kendalynn Mirror

Kendalynn mirror


The full-length Kendalynn Mirror is the one to buy if you want to lean the piece against a wall. This can help a bedroom feel larger while still serving a practice use. It has a champagne wooden frame that's neutral enough to complement your existing decor without being overwhelming, yet glamorous enough to add an elegant touch to your space. The inner-frame features touch-activated LED lights to add an even more luminous appearance or to help you get ready to start your day.

2) The Kali Mirror

Kali mirror


The Kali Mirror features a distressed look perfect for industrial or vintage spaces. Depending on the style of your room, the round shape can balance out the sleek, straight lines often seen in an industrial space or accentuate the curvy features of a vintage-inspired area. It's a modern piece that can also take you back in time, depending on how you use it and the scheme of your room.

3) The Deunoror Circle Mirror in Blue

Deunoror circle mirror in blue


The Deunoror Circle Mirror in Blue is a favorite among those looking to add purely decorative accents to the home. Use it as part of a greater art display on the wall or place it above a console table for an added touch that doesn't overwhelm the space. With a multi-faceted blue frame that extends outwards in petals, it features a keyhole bracket hanger to make placement easy.

4) The Edith Coffee Table in Black

Black edith coffee table


The perfect way to use mirror accents as part of your furniture collection, the Edith Coffee Table in Black is an exquisite and unexpected decorative mirror idea for your home. It gives off elegant and sophisticated vibes with rich gold and silver mirror finishes. The metal frame construction and powder-coated metal legs provide sturdiness to this otherwise delicate-appearing piece, making any area feel brighter and airier. You can add it to your living room as a standalone piece or pair it with Edith End Tables in Black for a complete set.

5) Quinnley Wall Art

Quinnley wall art


For those looking for purely decorative mirrors, the Quinnley Wall Art piece is for you. It features clean lines and geometric shapes that are artistic and abstract, composed of beveled mirrors layered in interlacing diamond or square shapes, depending on how you choose to hang this home accent.

6) The Chaseton Bar Cart

Chaseton bar cart


The Chaseton Bar Cart is another example of how you can utilize decorative mirrors as part of your furniture display. It provides extra space when you need it and serves as a functional piece during parties and events. With four wheels, bringing in and out of rooms at your wish is easy. Use it to bring drinks or appetizers into the dining room during special occasions to impress your guests. The mirrored shelves add a glamorous look, while the portability allows you to tuck it away once the event ends.

7) The Drice Sculpture

Drice sculpture that looks like a panther made of shiny material


If you're short on wall or floor space but still want to bring decorative mirrors into your home, you can do so using reflective tabletop decor. The Drice Sculpture is the perfect example, bold and bright with lots of shimmer and shine. This handcrafted piece is of a wild cat that appears to be in motion. The mirrored glass mosaic tiles that cover its entirety sparkle along its curved lines and serve as an excellent conversation starter.

Shop for Decorative Mirrors at Mor Furniture for Less Today

For the best decorative mirror ideas, browse online or visit a Mor Furniture for Less showroom today. From furniture to hanging art, tabletop decor, and more, we have the right decorative mirror for every person and living space. With the best prices in town and our exclusive Double the Difference Guarantee, you can shop with total peace of mind.