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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Lifehacks & Tips/Dresser Dimensions: Choosing the Right Size

Dresser Dimensions: Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the correct dresser dimensions can make your bedroom feel and appear larger. If you select a piece that's too big, your room may feel tight and cramped. Select one that's too small, and it can appear as if it's floating in space, making the area seem poorly designed. When you learn to find the best dresser dimensions for your bedroom, you can pick furniture that suits your clothing storage needs while effortlessly blending with the style and vibe of your space.

After all, your bedroom should be your oasis. Creating the ultimate zen in the space is crucial to invoking this feeling, and choosing the best furniture can make all the difference. At Mor Furniture for Less, we provide customers with the highest quality pieces at affordable pricing. Our expert designers are here to help you select items that will complete your bedroom while providing you with all the functional features you expect.

Keep reading to learn more about how to measure your room to determine the dresser dimensions you need. Additionally, learn how to choose the best-shaped dresser for your space, styles to choose from, and examples of complete bedroom sets for a cohesive design.

How to Measure for Dresser Dimensions

There are several important aspects to consider when measuring dresser dimensions. Standard dressers have a horizontal design, often leaving room to wall-mount a mirror or television above the piece. This means that the dresser is wide yet not very tall. Not only does this allow you to use your wall space for decor or entertainment, but it also provides ample surface area to keep items such as jewelry dishes, photos, and more.

Alternatively, you may choose a chest, which is ideal if you're short on floor space but can't sacrifice the number of drawers for storage. While these dressers don't leave much room for mounting items above, they provide the necessary functionality without crowding your space.

To determine the correct dresser dimensions for your bedroom and whether a horizontal or vertical arrangement is best, decide which wall the piece of furniture will rest against. Measure that wall from end to end. Typically, dressers serve as a focal point in the room. For this reason, people tend to place them at the center point of the wall against which they rest.

Dresser Depth

Additionally, you'll need to consider the other furniture in your room. The standard depth of a dresser ranges from 18- to 24-inches, so determine how far out you can afford to extend the pieces from the wall. It's best to leave a pathway of at least 36-inches between the dresser and other furniture, doorways, or walls so that you can walk without stumbling. This also helps account for the space that drawers take up when they're open to ensure you can access your dresser's contents.

Dresser Length

Standard horizontal dressers range in length from 30- to 70-inches, which is quite a wide span. Ideally, you want to leave several inches of free space on either end to keep the room from looking crowded, prevent scratching the walls, and allow access to electrical outlets. Some people choose to leave up to 24-inches on either side of the dresser to make the room look more open and airy. Which you prefer is solely up to you.

Using a tape measure can help you visualize how large of a dresser you'll need. Find the center of the wall you'll place the dresser against and mark that point with a light pencil mark or painter's tape. Then extend the tape measure out from both sides of that mark by an equal distance to help determine how much space you're comfortable dedicating to a dresser without crowding the room.

Dresser Height

The height of a standard horizontal dresser is usually between 30- and 35-inches. Determine your ceiling height to see if a lower profile is best for your space. If you have high ceilings, that gives you more room to work with, and you can opt for a taller piece.

If you measure your space and find that your room can't accommodate these standard measurements, it may be best to look at chests instead.

Sergio Dresser in Gray Angled

How to Choose the Right Shape Dresser

Standard dressers come in a rectangular shape, whether horizontal or vertical. You may find round or semi-circle sets of drawers and square pieces on the market, yet these are rare and not industry-standard. When considering shape, focus instead on the finer details of the dresser. These include whether the dresser has rounded or straight edges, ornamental feet, flush drawers, or drawers with geometric carvings that provide an extra design element. Which you choose will depend on your personal preference and the style of the rest of the room.

Matching Your Room's Current Design

When you pick a new dresser, you want to ensure it matches your room's current design. Choosing one that clashes too much will make the room appear disheveled. The dresser doesn't have to be an exact match to the rest of your furniture, though there are certain elements to consider.

First, consider the color and material of the rest of your furniture. Whether your room uses lots of deep espresso pieces, a bright white set, natural wood grains, or painted wood, select a dresser that matches your existing color scheme. Also, look at the hardware your current furniture features. Do your nightstands have dark metal handles? If so, reflective silver hardware on a new dresser may not match best. If your room features lots of industrial-style pieces with bold metal, a mixed-medium dresser can look great in the space.

Additionally, look at the overall style of your room. Is it traditional, with ornate pieces that feature fine details and carvings? Or minimalist, with no extra frills and lots of straight lines. Maybe your room has a glam look, with lots of reflective surfaces and plush accents. Find a dresser that fits in with the look you already have for a look that says it's truly meant to be.

Find a Complete Bedroom Set at Mor Furniture for Less

Sometimes it can be challenging to purchase just a single item of furniture for your bedroom, especially if you're going for that seamless matching look. That's where a complete bedroom set comes in handy. At Mor Furniture for Less, we have dressers and sets with all the items you need for a functional and stylish bedroom.

Shop from collections that include above-dresser mirrors, nightstands and end tables, beds with extra features such as additional storage, and more. Under each product description, you'll find the dresser dimensions clearly noted so you can be sure to get the right fit.