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The Essential Pieces Anyone Needs for a New Home

There’s no question that moving into a new home is stressful, and when it comes to setting up your space, the scene can be quite overwhelming – you may not know where to begin! Whether you’re moving into a four-bedroom home or studio apartment, there are certain pieces you’ll want to have available right off the bat.

Of course, you’ll remember that you need a mattress and a TV, but there are plenty of other, easily overlooked items that will make your move that much easier if you have them from the get-go. 

Cleaning supplies:

Many times, moving into a new home involves cleaning from floor to ceiling, and you wouldn’t want to risk unpacking on top of dirt and grime. Cleansing wipes, dusters, and a mop and broom are essential to have when you first step foot into your home. You’ll be able to neaten up your space to your liking and have peace of mind knowing your home is clean enough for the rest of your furniture.

Bedding and towels:

You’re bound to want to clean yourself off and get a good night’s sleep after a hard day of moving, so make sure you have a towel and any other bathing supplies ready when the time comes (this includes a shower curtain!). The same goes for bedding – although you may have moved in your mattress, you’ll have a hard time sleeping comfortably if you don’t have bedding to accompany it! Bring a spare set of sheets and pillow so that you can sleep well.

A toolset and flashlight:

You never know when something might go awry and need last-minute fixing. Likewise, you may need to assemble some of the furniture you’re moving into your new home. A toolset can making setting up furniture and making minor fixes easier, and a flashlight can help you view hard-to-reach areas or assist you during an emergency.

Lighting of some sort:

Once it gets dark outside, you’ll need some illumination while you continue to get settled. And you may not be able to count on the ceiling lights available in your new home just yet. Desk and floor lamps are great temporary lighting sources for your new home, and you can also purchase light-bulbs in advance to screw into any available sockets.


You’re likely to have a few windows in your new home, and who knows where your neighbors might be located. To ensure some privacy, adding drapes, curtains or blinds first thing can help you feel safe and secure. It can also be the beginnings of a few personal touches to your home.

At least one seating area:

As you begin to furnish your new home, you’ll want to make sure you have some seating room. Especially if you’re just moving in, you’ll eventually want to take a break and sit down somewhere! Moving in a few chairs and your couch firsthand will give you the seating areas you need to immediately accommodate you and guests.

Plates and cutlery:

In addition to a table and chairs, plates, cups and silverware are all must-haves for any dining experience. Whether you decide to buy an elegant silverware set or settle for paper and plastic, having utensils to eat will keep things running smoothly.

A table or makeshift eating surface:

One of the first things you’ll want to do in your new home is cook a meal, and although you may be content eating on your couch, a dining area might make your meal (and recent move) more legitimate. If you’re looking to eat a meal right after you move in, setting up a table and chairs or using some sort of surface area as a temporary table will do the trick!