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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Buying Guides/Farmhouse Tables Made for Entertaining

Farmhouse Tables Made for Entertaining

Styling your dining area with a farmhouse table and chairs is an excellent way to bring a rustic, yet chic, feel to your space. Featuring a style that includes lots of clean lines and neutral colors, a farmhouse dining table is a perfect addition to many kitchens and dining rooms. They're able to instantly make any eating area feel cozier and more inviting, bringing a true sense of "home" into the room.

The dining room or kitchen table is often the centerpiece of a home. It's the spot where loved ones gather for holidays, where kids spread out their books to study, and where pizza night happens on the weekend. It's a place that fosters a sense of togetherness that brings smiles and giggles to the whole family. Many memories are made while seated at the kitchen or dining room table. From shared pots of coffee or tea when a friend stops by needing a shoulder to lean on to champagne toasts that celebrate significant milestones and achievements, these tables see it all.

It makes sense that we would want our eating space to reflect who we are as people and what we represent as a family. We want these areas to speak to our unique styles, to the things we hold close to our hearts. Most importantly, we want these areas to meet the needs of our household. Whether that means having extra panels so that we can easily add more seating when we have a large get-together or having extra storage so that we can maximize the space we have in a smaller apartment, there are countless ways that a farmhouse dining table and chairs can add that extra something to your home.

Learn more about farmhouse style from our knowledgable design experts below, and get tips and tricks for bringing a farmhouse dining table and chairs into your home.

What is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style is an interior design method that capitalizes on the key features of traditional rural architecture while also bringing in modern elements. The result is often a look and feel that is quite charming, comfortable, and stylish. Inspired by country living, with lots of natural colors and textures such as twine and grain, you're likely to find lots of wood and steel instead of leather or plush upholstery when shopping farmhouse style.

Farmhouse style is warm, yet simple. It is nostalgic, yet fresh. It's classic, but also very much in the now. Though it features many aspects of furniture and function first seen in rural areas, farmhouse style now permeates all types of living spaces. From the suburbs to the city, kitchens and dining rooms everywhere can bring a pleasant style to your home.

Farmhouse Style Rules, Color Palettes, and More

When searching for a new farmhouse table and chairs, you may realize that rest of the room could use a style refresh as well. Perhaps you're looking to move the space in the direction of a farmhouse chic theme, and you need to know precisely where to start. Or, maybe you're looking for additional home accents and furniture pieces to go along with your new dining set.

While you may not find all your pieces in one specific furniture collection, you can mix and match items from different product lines to create one cohesive look. Simply follow the style rules of farmhouse style to bring the room together.

To stick to the farmhouse style, it's important to identify the proper color and texture palettes, as well as stick to the key features of the theme.

Farmhouse Style Color Palettes

Farmhouse style features lots of natural light, open and airy spaces, and neutral colors. In a farmhouse kitchen, whites, beiges and creams, and grays are usually the main color scheme. You may see some shades of blue, green, or brown in the palette as well.

Think earthy, yet clean. Cozy, yet cool. In more modern farmhouse style color palettes, you may see the introduction of a bold black, usually as an accent color. Choose a color palette that speaks to you.

Farmhouse Style Material and Texture Palettes

There are specific materials and textures that serve as hallmarks of the farmhouse chic style. These include materials such as reclaimed or natural wood, iron or steel, cotton, canvas, wool, burlap, and more.

You'll also likely see many all-natural accents brought into the space. Think large, oversized vases filled with natural wheat grass bouquets. These small additions can make a huge difference in completing the style.

More Farmhouse Style Rules

Other aspects of farmhouse style include featuring vintage pieces as decor and adding a personal touch to the space. Lots of farmhouse styles can be DIY, combining pieces and accents from many different places to create a look that's uniquely you.

Family photos and monogrammed kitchenware are two examples of ways to bring your own family feel into the room. If you're crafty, you can complete some of these projects yourself. You can decorate your own picture frames, embroider your own hand towels, and more.

Be sure to remember even the smallest details, such as lighting, carpets, and more when creating your farmhouse theme.


Finding the Right Farmhouse Dining Table

So, you're ready to make the leap and purchase a new farmhouse dining table. The friendly and knowledgeable design associates at Mor Furniture for Less are here to help you find a piece that meets your needs. When shopping for a farmhouse dining table and chairs, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you select the best piece.

  • How many people do you need to seat on a regular basis?
  • Do you need an expandable table with additional panels for special events and holidays?
  • What height table works best for your best? Traditional, counter, or bar?
  • What type of seating do you prefer? Bench, chairs, or stool?
  • What color works best in your space?
  • What materials does your room have as accents?

If you have the answers to these questions, you're already off to a great start. If not, that's okay too. You can browse our selection of farmhouse dining tables and chairs online to get a feel for what may be best, or come on in and speak with an associate to start identifying which pieces may meet your needs.

More Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas

Once you find the farmhouse table and chairs for your kitchen or dining room, continue to build on the style to create a look that's well put together. Add decorations and accents such as vases, area rugs, wall art, chandeliers, and more that complement your farmhouse dining table.

Check out the wide selection of farmhouse style items available at Mor Furniture for Less for more ideas.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

As a prominent furniture chain on the West Coast, Mor Furniture for Less is dedicated to bringing stylish and affordable interior design options to everyone. We're here to help you turn your house into a home, all without breaking the bank.

When you shop at Mor Furniture for Less, you can rest assured that you're getting the best deal in town. In fact, with our Double the Difference Guarantee, if you find an identical farmhouse dining table available at a local competitor for less, we'll credit you the difference in price times two.

Choose from free warehouse pick-up or white glove delivery for your new fining room set. Additionally, don't forget to ask about our SafeGuard furniture protection plans that can help protect your new dining set against accidental damage for years to come.

Shop online or visit a Mor Furniture for Less warehouse or showroom today. Our associates are waiting to help you design the farmhouse chic kitchen or dining room of your dreams.