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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Home Office Design Ideas and Inspiration

Home Office Design Ideas and Inspiration

For many of us, home office ideas and inspiration are needed now more than ever. 2020 is the year more of us than ever began working remotely and - according to a Gartner poll - 48% (up from 30% pre-pandemic) will make it permanent. (You can’t beat the commute, right?) If the unexpected move home initially left you jockeying for space on the kitchen table or conducting Zoom calls from bed, you’re overdue for a longer-term solution. Even if you can’t lay claim to a spare bedroom, Mor Furniture for Less has home office design ideas and inspiration to help you create a dedicated workspace where you can be productive in comfort and style.

Ready for Some Home Office Inspiration?

Whether you plan to repurpose a guest room for your office (maintaining a fold-out sofa for the occasional guests), set up shop in your finished basement or partition off a light-filled corner of the family room, our home office ideas meet you where are. Shop for everything from traditional executive suites to sleek modern desks, stylish and ergonomic office chairs, great lighting options and accents that personalize your new workspace in a way you never could in a cubicle or co-working space.

Surface Considerations

Of course, a good quality desk that fits the space you have for your home office and comfortably accommodates your workflow and workstyle is an essential investment. In fact, this may be the right moment to consider a standing desk.

Our Americana and Boca Power Lift Office Desks are height-adjustable, so you can sit when you feel like it and stretch your legs when you need to by bringing your home office desk to standing height. These stylish options can stand alone in smaller spaces or you can pair them with a matching credenza and hutch.

Our sleek minimalist table desks are stylish and comfortable and small spaces are made for office workstations – combining desktop and hutch. Close the doors on your work at the end of the day and your functional “office” blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home decor.

Sit Up and Take Notice

If you commandeered a dining room chair to work from home in the beginning months, chances are good your neck and back didn’t thank you at the end of long workdays. Good posture leads to better productivity. But do you need to resort to the ubiquitous black mesh ergonomic chair you used at the office? Absolutely not! Let us introduce you to a range of fully adjustable, deliciously plush leather chairs that are as stylish as they are comfortable. With built-in lumbar support, adjustable arm rests, cushioning for your head and neck, and a 360-degree swivel base, these chairs will keep you in top form through even the longest day.

A Place for Everything

Office supplies, binders, working files and especially sensitive documents need a place in your office other than on your desktop. Forget industrial gray file cabinets that detract from your home setting. We’ve got other ideas for your home office – stylish credenzas, hutches, vertical shelving and multi-functional furniture such as our Americana Power File Cabinet. A stylish blend of popular, birch and oak, it is equipped with two AC outlets and two USB ports and has a foldout shelf perfect for your printer. Home office ideas you can live with!

Let There Be Light

Lots of natural light is ideal, but when you’re quietly brainstorming, taking a Zoom meeting or “burning the midnight oil”, lighting that combines function with ambiance is essential. Choose from our art deco, contemporary, rustic and mission-style table and floor lamps that give your office personal style and blend in with the rest of your home decor.

Accent Liberally

The boom in Zoom promises that your private home office will be on display when you meet with colleagues and clients. Mor Furniture for Less specializes in hand-curated decorative accents that help you create a personal sanctuary that fuels your creativity and that you can be proud to show off. Choose some conversation-worthy accent pieces to style-up your bookcase. Make one wall a fabulous gallery of your favorite art. Browse our variety of sculptures, vases, clocks and vintage items and have fun making a statement about who you are personally, as well as professionally.

We’ve Got You

Log on today and plan to a spend some quality time browsing our unique collection of furnishings designed to blend your work life and home life in a new way that’s uniquely you.



Featured image: Starmore Office Desk & Chair