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Staging Your Home When it's up for Sale

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful things you ever have to go through. There’s so much to do and until you sell your own home, you don’t really understand the full breadth of what does on. Worry not, Mor Furniture for Less has had their fair share of moving and we’re experts when it comes to staging rooms. Today we’re showing you how to stage your home when it’s up for sale.


When your home goes on the market remember you’re going to have people passing through on a regular basis. The first thing you’ll want to do before the staging even begins is to declutter your home. You want you home to come off as appealing to families of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Since you’re not sure if they’re neat freaks or packrats it’s best to play it safe and opt for a clean and clutter free home.

Decluttering your home allows potential buyers to envision the space as their own. This could mean a number of things, maybe you move one of the side chairs into storage so the room appears larger. Clean up side tables, they should be free of mail, books, and clutter. Once you’ve removed the excess you'll want to deep clean the entire house top to bottom. 

Lighting is a Big Deal

When your home is up for sale it’s really important to make sure all of your lights are working proper, well-lit lit home can make rooms feel larger and cozy. The last thing buyers want is to move into a small, poorly lit home.  

Setting the Stage

Now it’s time to actually set up your rooms. Starting with the living room, you’ll want to create a conversational setting, as you arrange your furniture angle pieces towards each other. If you find this to be a challenge we recommend heading into your local Mor Furniture for Less to get a look at how we arrange our furniture sets.

Let’s talk about the bedroom next, when you’re arranging your bedrooms aim to place the head of the bed in the center of your largest wall. For a refined look make sure you have matching side tables on each side of the bed. 

Depending on how large your dining room table is you may want to try removing a chair or two, this will make the area feel less cramped. You’ll want to make sure you can circle the table with ease. If you can’t walk around the table with ease you may want to downsize during the selling process.

Give Your Home a Fresh Coat

Neutralizing the walls of your home with a fresh coat of paint can really do wonders. Potential buyers walk into a freshly painted home and it gives them the exciting hope of a fresh start. Not to mention, there’s no way of telling what your buyers like in terms of style, keeping things neutral helps them focus on all of the others things about the house. You never want a buyer to walk in and start making a to-do list of what they would and wouldn’t do with your home. It starts to distract them from all of the things they truly like about your home.

Finish All Home Projects

Most importantly of all, you’ve got to finish up all of those home projects. You know, the ones you’ve been saying you’re going to get to for years now. It’s now or never, so finish em’ up. Remember it’s really important to make the buying process as easy as possible. While fixer uppers sound exciting no buyer wants to finish up your home renovation projects.

The hardest part of this list is getting started. Break things out into smaller sections and work your way through your home, constantly working towards that bigger picture. So begin with decluttering each room, then move into cleaning and painting. Next check out all of your lighting, making sure everything is in working order and finally set the stage, and don’t forget if you’ve got any outstanding home renovation projects- finish them up! Hope that helps put you on the right track. If you’ve got questions head over to your local Mor Furniture for Less when one of our friendly and helpful furniture experts can lend a helping hand!