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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Making the Most Out of Your Kid's Old Bedroom

Making the Most Out of Your Kids Old Bedroom

It’s a proud moment when our kids graduate from high school and/or college, but then the reality of the situation sinks in…. They’re going to leave the nest. It’s a bittersweet feeling, it also leaves you with a little extra real estate. So what do you do with the kid's room(s) when they finally embark out into the world? Mor Furniture has come up with a few clever ideas to get you from moody teenage sanctuary to blissful rooms of opportunity.

Create A Library  

Sounds a bit regal, but an in-home library is a great way to take advantage of an extra room. You could also make the space multipurpose and create a study while you’re at it. Mor has a great selection of home office furnishings. Perfect for getting you to that in-home library. Creating the space is pretty simple too. Start by clearing out the clutter, pack everything up and store it for your kids, they may want to look through it later. A fresh coat of paint couldn’t hurt either. Then bring in the bookshelves, try and incorporate some kind of reading nook. Mor also has a lot of great options when it comes to small seating sets, think love seat, chair and coffee table. Or if you want to upgrade to that home office got with one of these great desks. Either way, the space could become the new favorite room in your home.


Who Doesn’t Love A Hobby Room

Once the kids have finally taken their first real step into adulthood parents tend to feel like there is a void they need to fill. Many parents pick up hobbies and with their new found time occupant comes lots of, well, stuff. Turn your kid's old bedroom into an organized hobby room. We have a couple of great tables that would make perfect workspaces as well as bookshelves that can help you stay organized. 

The Media Room  

It’s time to treat yourself and create that media room you’ve been wanting and what better a place to do it than your kids now unused bedroom. The best part about creating a media room is how you’ll now have a place to keep all of your gaming equipment, a giant flat screen TV and of course your Coyotera Power Reclining Loveseat which comes equipped with cup holders. The only thing you’ll need are some blackout curtains for the windows so that you can create that real movie theater experience.


Guest Room

Of course, you’re always welcome to play it safe and turn the space into a more sophisticated guest room. This way when the kids do come home to visit they’ll still have a place to sleep. Not to mention you have a polished room to entertain guests. We’ve paired all of the pieces together for you, this way you don’t have to stress about designing an entire guest room on your own.


No matter what direction you decide to take your room, just know that Mor Furniture for Less is here to help you every step of the way.