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Maximizing Bedroom Space

Whether you're in a small space, or are simply looking to make the most of the area you have with effective bedroom design hacks, it's easy to maximize the space in your sleeping quarters by taking advantage of a few tips and tricks. It's essential that our bedrooms maintain a feeling of calm, serenity, and tranquility in order to help quiet our minds and lend to a good night's sleep. This is how we recharge, and wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

For these reasons, it's crucial that bedrooms avoid feeling cramped and cluttered–this can make them feel messy or disorganized. In turn, our minds absorb this energy, which can make it challenging to unwind at the end of the day. At Mor Furniture for Less, our friendly and knowledgeable design associates can help you maximize your bedroom space, creating a room that's cozy, quiet, and most importantly, functional.

Here are 4 bedroom design tips to help capitalize on the area in your bedroom.

1) Create the Illusion of More Square Footage

Your bedroom might feel small because it's, well, small. That's okay. There are tried and true tricks you can use to create the illusion of more space, even if you're limited on actual square footage. According to our design experts, two of the best ways to do this are with the strategic use of area rugs, as well as mirrors.

To create the illusion of space using area rugs, follow these three tips:

  • Choose one large rug for the space, instead of multiple smaller rugs.
  • Choose a rug that does not have a lot of texture–avoid things like shag carpets or faux fur.
  • Choose light and airy colors, such as a neutral beige or light gray. Avoid busy patterns that can make a room feel more cluttered.

Next, consider adding a mirror to your bedroom design. If you're short on floor space you can opt for a wall mirror. If not, you can choose a full length mirror that leans against the wall to serve as both a focal point and a space-booster.

Mirrors make rooms feel larger than they really are by reflecting light and creating the illusion of depth in a space. Best of all, they have a proper function, which is essential in small bedrooms to help maximize the use of space.

2) Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

Finding pieces that serve more than one purpose is another one of the best bedroom design tips. When you're tight on space, every item in your room must serve a function. Floor space is valuable real estate, and you want to make the most of what you have.

Look for furniture with hidden storage. Whether you opt for a bed that has a set of drawers underneath, an ottoman where the top lifts off to reveal a hidden compartment, or a nightstand with cubbies and drawers, making sure you have somewhere to stash your stuff is important.

If your bedroom lacks a closet, consider choosing an armoire so that you have somewhere to hang things. Additionally, many people who are a little cramped in their bedrooms prefer vertical chests of drawers as opposed to traditional horizontally-aligned dressers. Or, choose from dressers that include a mirror to check two items off your list at once.

3) Find Each Item a Home

A lot of our bedroom design tips for maximizing space focus on eliminating clutter. When everything is neat and put away, rooms tend to naturally look bigger because our eyes can drift across the empty spaces that extra stuff used to occupy. This means that routine decluttering is a must. It also means that each item you choose to keep should have a designated "home" or spot within your room.

Every six months or so, go through all your clothing, keepsakes, and the stuff in your drawers, closet, and on your shelves. As a general rule, anything you haven't used since the last decluttering session should get donated or tossed. Doing this helps you keep only the things that are most essential to your life. Of course, deeply sentimental objects are an exception.

Next, find everything a spot in which to go. Don't let books and figurines pile up on the nightstand–instead, it might be a good idea to install shelving on the walls for an organized place you can proudly display your favorite things. Shelving options can be decorative, too, adding flair to your space.

4) Use Light Colors and Nix the Patterns

Picking light colors for your bedroom design can help make a space feel larger. This includes not just the area rugs as discussed above, but also the walls and your furniture. Don't feel like you're confined to a palette of beige and cream, though. Use colors such as pastel purple, light blue, or a seafoam green to bring in the style that best suits your taste.

It's also okay to use bold and bright colors, but it's best if you reserve them as accents in your palette. Add a few pops with bright throw pillows on the bed or as decorative pieces throughout the space.

Similarly, stick with light-neutral colors for your furniture. Choose natural wood grains, or white bedroom sets, instead of a dark espresso or a black. Avoid too many busy patterns, like plaid or polka dot, and instead stick to sleek, straight lines. Use patterns sparingly and keep the largest accent items in your bedroom, such as your comforter and your curtains, as plain solid colors.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

If you're in the market for a new bedroom set, bedroom storage, or simply need a few new bedroom design ideas, shop Mor Furniture for Less today. Our design associates are here to help you turn your house into a home, and that includes creating a cozy, dream-like bedroom space.

Whether you live in an apartment and want to make the area feel larger, or just moved into a new house and are feeling overwhelmed with where to start, let's create the perfect bedroom together.

Mor Furniture for Less is the largest family-owned furniture chain on the West Coast. We believe in bringing customers the very best in style and affordability. That's why we offer damage protection plans with every purchase, as well as the best price match guarantee in the industry.

Shop online or come on into one of our warehouses or showrooms to see the latest styles. Choose free furniture pick-up or get white glove delivery at real-people prices. We're all about convenience and accommodation and believe that buying new furniture should always be easy and enjoyable.

Our associates will meet with you to put together a unique bedroom design to suit your small space. With everything you need from top to bottom, including furniture sets, home decor, and storage options, we're your one-stop shop for decorating and furnishing needs.