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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Lifehacks & Tips/Moving Out On Your Own- What You Don't Realize You'll Need

Moving Out On Your Own- What You Don't Realize You'll Need

Finally! You’re going to do it, you’re making the move out on your own. It’s so liberating you can hardly believe it’s happening. The day finally comes, you gather a few extra hands to help you with the transition and before you know it everything has been moved into the new digs. As the first couple of weeks pass you get unpacked, everything is being assigned a place and that’s when reality sets in… you literally own nothing and the extra hands you bribed to help you move were really unnecessary. Yikes! Mor Furniture put our heads together and we’re here to help you out when you’re moving out on your own. We’ve come up with several really good pointers to take into consideration when you leave the safety of roommates… or mom and dad.

The Living Area

So besides your bedroom, do you have any other furniture? This is where hand me downs are great, but having a new couch is always just as appealing. Mor has a great selection for first timers moving out on their own and we’ve got some pretty awesome financing options. Make sure you’re thinking about seating. Think about your goals for the space are you an entertainer? Do you love hosting and having people over? A sectional may work for you in that case. Also, think about investing in a farm table for your dining area, they’re the larger wooden tables and typically come with bench seating on one side. This will alleviate the need to purchase so many individual chairs. The bench will also shift under the table, creating additional space.

Light Up the Night

Lighting is one of those things not many people give much thought to. Think about how many of the rooms in your home have built in lighting. Okay, now imagine if you only used those lights to light your home. Little sparse, right? Go through each space and take a look at where you’ll need more lighting, maybe the living room is only equipped with outlets and a switch and maybe the only light in the master bedroom comes from the bathroom. Do yourself a favor and make it a point to check out your lighting options.

The Odds and Ends

Oh, and of course, we can’t forget about all of those odds and ends that are going to keep popping up for the next month or so. Invest in a basket of sorts to house all of your cleaning supplies. Don’t forget you’re going to need everything- broom, vacuum, mop, cleaning solutions and sponges. This is also a good time to stalk up on your detergents, clothing and dishes alike. Last, but certainly not least, double check you’ve got a roll of TP on hand for that first night on your own!

Just remember, above all else remain patient! You’re venturing out on your own for the very first time, it’s a huge deal and you’re going to forget a few things. Either way, Mor Furniture is here to help get you there.