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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Placing Mirrors Over Beds - Pros & Cons

Placing Mirrors Over Beds - Pros & Cons

Is a mirror over a bed a great idea or one that you should shy away from? Knowing how to place a mirror above a bed correctly can make all the difference in your sleep space. It can create an elegant, relaxing, and beautiful atmosphere. There are a few key things to consider when thinking about whether you should place a mirror over your bed. We're here to break it all down for you.

Whether you're looking for a large mirror, a circular mirror, or a lightweight mirror to hang on your wall, we have them all right here at Mor Furniture for Less. Our furniture experts can help you decide on which piece will bring the most Feng Shui to your space to make it the most peaceful and inviting room in your home. Additionally, we curate a collection of many bed sets with mirrors to bring you a look that's seamless and easy to match.

Create your retreat to rest and revitalize at the end of each day.

Mirrors above the Bed: Pros and Cons

Adding a piece of wall decor to your bedroom is a big decision. It can make or break the vibe of the entire room. That's why it's important to carefully examine your space and determine your wants and needs when placing a mirror above your bed.

You want a piece that matches the rest of the room's theme, color palette, and style. If your room has a modern industrial feel, for example, picking an ornate classic mirror may not be suitable for you. Alternately, if your room is very traditional, it's better to go with a more formal piece instead of something funky and cool that might clash with your design.

There are several pros to having a mirror over your bed and some potential cons to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more about all things mirror-bed-related.

Increase Visual Spaciousness and Light

One of the main reasons people hang mirrors in a room, aside from their functional purpose of helping you get ready in the morning, is to create the illusion of having more space. Additionally, hanging a mirror in your bedroom can make it appear lighter and brighter.

When the light from a window or another room strikes a mirror, it reflects that light. This magnifies the rays, creating the look of a brighter space. Having more light in your room will make it look bigger, as darker spaces tend to feel more cramped and closed off.

Make an Appealing Statement

Mirrors serve as more than a functional piece in the bedroom. They can also serve as appealing accent statements that bring the room together. If you're short on floor space for items like floor lamps or decorative nightstands, hanging a mirror is the perfect way to get some of your personality and style into the room while saving that precious floor area for larger pieces of furniture.

Here at Mor Furniture for Less, we have a variety of decorative mirrors that feature unique designs and materials. You don't have to stick with a classic, wooden frame rectangular mirror. Instead, try a circular piece that has accents around the main feature.

There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Whether you're looking for a soothing blue accent or an eclectic, abstract natural wood mirror, we have it all.

Accentuate the Lighting and Other Accents

While mirrors reflect the natural light that shines into your room, they will also reflect and magnify artificial lighting. Your bedroom lamps, light that comes in from the hallway or bathroom, all those beams will reflect off the mirror. A mirror above the bed can help cast a warm glow over your sleep space, creating a peaceful ambiance as you read in bed at night.

Mirrors also accentuate other decor and home accents you have in the space. Pick a mirror with a similar style, and you can bring the whole room together with the perfect finishing piece. Or, choose a bold accent color for a visually appealing contrast to use a mirror as the ultimate decorative wall hanging.

Possible Cons to Hanging a Mirror Over Your Bed

There are two main cons to hanging a mirror over your bed. The first is difficulty mounting. Some houses and apartments have walling that can be challenging to mount pieces on properly.

How to Hang a Mirror Over Your Bed

There are a few simple steps to help you determine precisely which mirror to purchase and then hang over your bed. First, measure the length of your bed, from side to side (not top to bottom). Your mirror should be able to easily center over this length, leaving the same number of inches on both sides once you hang it up.

Knowing your measurements will help narrow down your search to find the most appropriate piece more quickly. If you're looking for a large rectangle mirror to span the entire length of your headboard, try to leave an inch or two on either side at the ends. This will help you avoid buying a piece that looks too big or mismatched.

Hanging Styles and Pieces

When you buy a bedroom mirror from Mor Furniture for Less, we'll tell you exactly what hanging method your piece uses. For example, your mirror may come with a keyhole bracket hanger or maybe a D-ring bracket and hanger. It's essential to look at these specifications when purchasing so that you can be prepared with the correct items to complete the process. Our associates are always happy to help guide you in the right direction to find the materials you'll need.

Proper Measurement

Next, grab a partner to help you measure and hang if the mirror is large. Using a tape measure, identify the middle point on the wall over your bed. This point is where you should mount the center of the mirror hanger unless the mounts for the piece are on the side. Once you identify the correct spot to hang it, you're ready to go.

Always make sure that a mirror above your bed is well-secured and unlikely to fall. Many people move their beds several inches away from the wall in case this unfortunate situation does occur.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

Whether you're shopping for a mirror above the bed, an entirely new bedroom set, or furniture for another room in your home completely, Mor Furniture for Less is the best furniture store around.

We believe that style doesn't have to be expensive. Every family should be able to bring home the furniture and home accents they love. We offer our exclusive Double the Difference price guarantee, product warranties, and Mor SafeGuard protection plans–for your total peace of mind.