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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Create More Space in Your Home Using Furniture with Storage

Create More Space in Your Home Using Furniture with Storage

Almost every home is crying out for space these days. No matter how small or large your home is, you want to maximize your space to make it feel more welcoming and spacious. If you’ve already Marie Kondo-ed your space and still need places to stash your stuff, consider creating more space in your home using furniture with storage.

Living Rooms Need Space and Storage

Have you noticed that your family room and living room seem to get the messiest, no matter how hard you try to keep them clutter-free? These rooms get the most action, whether from family game or TV night, friends casually dropping by, or you just stretching out on the sofa to watch the game or read a book.

You can maximize the space in your living room with a coffee table that offers storage space, such as the Rogness Lift-Top Coffee Table. In addition to open storage below, this table feature lift-top storage that lets you easily keep clutter out of sight. Another option is multifunctional furniture such as an ottoman where you can stash video game accessories. You will love having places to keep your gear when your most popular rooms are full of people.

Of course, for bigger items, living room cabinets are the way to go. These beautiful pieces give you storage without sacrificing style. A media cabinet will keep your media and accessories neat, organized, and near at hand.

Open Up Your Entryway

Whether a clearly designated foyer or just a few feet of space, the entryway creates an initial impression on your guests. This is where you welcome guests and see your family safely off to school and work. It should be functional, with space to move around efficiently and quickly.

Make the most of this space by adding a sofa table that gives you plenty of storage. Don’t let the name fool you, a sofa table works well for storage in an entryway. The Artisans Oak Sofa Table features three drawers that give you plenty of space to put keys, mail, and anything else that accumulates in the space. The two shelves below let you store shoes, mittens, and anything else that is too big to fit in a drawer.

Stylish Storage for Kid’s Rooms

No matter what age, your child’s room should be a reflection of their personality, but also conducive to studying, daydreaming, playing, and hanging out. They need storage, too. A storage bed is a great way to give your kids the room they need to keep their stuff out of sight. When you are looking for furniture with storage that your child can grow into, the Remi Full Storage Bed has all the right stuff.

The headboard features two small drawers and adjustable shelving, and four full-sized drawers plus two oversized drawers in the base that give your child all the space they need to keep their room neat and organized.

Make Your Bedroom Your Refuge

Your bedroom should be a refuge from the world and a place where you refresh, renew, and wake up rejuvenated. It’s hard to do that if your room is filled with clutter and you have no place to store your things. A five-drawer chest is perfect for storing those items you need every day. The Cagney Bed offers an upholstered footboard for convenient seating and built-in shelving for extra storage.

No matter what size your home, you can create more room by using furniture with storage to keep everything organized. You’ll have more space and feel relaxed and comfortable when you walk through the door at the end of the day.