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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Decorating & Design/Top Three Recent Furniture Trends + New Trends for 2024

furniture trends 2024

Top Three Recent Furniture Trends + New Trends for 2024

In the world of home design, 2023 furniture trends brought some new exciting elements to the scene. Many of these will endure as furniture trends 2024 will bring additional vision into the New Year and beyond. Each year has its own defining factors. Popular colors, materials, styles, and overall vibes that homeowners love. Thinking back to the early 2000s, Tuscan decor style was all the rage. The 2010s brought the rustic farmhouse style to the front and center. Now, 2023 furniture trends feature sleek and bold looks and serve as works of art within the home.

At Mor Furniture for Less, we like to stay ahead of the curve. Our expert curators spot new up-and-coming themes before our competitors, allowing us to bring you the most on-trend items before anyone else. That's why customers love us; we're always spot-on when it comes to home furnishing and decor, with an eye for sophistication, elegance, and, above all, comfort and functionality. Pair that with our double-the-difference guarantee* to ensure you get the best pricing, and there's no better place to shop.

As the year closes, let's take a few moments to pay homage to 2023 furniture trends and furniture trends 2024 will see.

1) 2023 Furniture Trends: Popular Colors

A few years back, the pandemic brought us all closer to home. As we began spending more time in our houses, with many working from home, we also started looking more closely at our surroundings. With many feeling "stuck" inside, it only made sense that nature found its way indoors. This is particularly true when it comes to popular furniture colors.

Additionally, shoppers grew tired of gray-washed everything and got creative with pops, accents, and embellishments. When it comes to 2024 furniture trends, here are the colors we see staying in style.

Earth Tones

Deep, rusty tones like terracotta and moss greens keep homes feeling grounded, welcoming, and cozy. While these colors remain muted and neutral, they starkly contrast the bright whites we saw in years past.

Shades and hues like brown, cream, taupe, ochre, and mustard are now popular in palettes. These tones instantly make a space feel inviting and offer a sense of tranquility to those inside. Earthy tones are reminiscent of the 1970s, though designers are using them more sparingly today so as not to take over the space.

For example, instead of wall-to-wall shag carpets, try an area rug to center your space and anchor your furniture. This Nubuck Rug is a fantastic way to introduce shades of brown and red to a room with a modern touch.

Jewel Tones

Quite the opposite of the Earthy vibe, jewel tones are sure to be on the list of upcoming 2024 furniture trends. It all comes down to taste and preference, and this choice is for the bold and daring. They're rich, luxurious, dramatic, and are sure to make a statement.

Here, you'll find color trends like orchid, sapphire, emerald, bright red, cyan blue, fuchsia, gold, and teal. Think back to the 1980s and early 1990s when everything from windbreakers to roller skates were bright and loud. 2023 furniture trends brought that back, but in a way that's more suited for a modern home.

Jewel tones are best used as accent colors or to make a space pop. They're best when used with a mixture of true neutrals like gray, white, and black, as their vibrant nature draws the quick attention of the eye. Too many bright tones at once can be overwhelming, so it's best to pick a statement piece and a few decorative items. A helpful tip is that a pop color should only comprise 10% of your home's total decor–though that color may change from room to room.

One of our favorite ways to make a jewel-colored statement is with an accent chair. The Avery Accent Chair in Berry is a fine example, perfect for the living room or home office.

Light Pastels

For those who appreciate color and want to liven things up, light pastels are one of the 2023 furniture trends that are sure to stick around. They provide an effortless, bright, airy look, lifting the mood and making your space feel bright and open. They're soft and gentle, making them an excellent theme for your home.

Color palettes with light pastels include shades like blush, baby blue, muted lavender, mint, salmon, canary yellow, peach, coral, and warm grays.

Pastel colors are great for walls since they're happy, light, and not overwhelming. They're also fantastic as larger pieces like sectionals or sofas when paired with a neutral background. Try the Calais Sofa in Rose for an elegant touch.

2) 2023 Furniture Trends: Materials

Looking ahead to 2024 furniture trends, remember the materials you're using in your home. 2023 taught us that durability, easy cleaning, and comfort are the most essential factors to consider. However, you don't want to sacrifice appearance or have a home that looks sterile and cold. These furniture materials are ranked as 2023 furniture trends that will endure.


Leather furniture is absolutely timeless, and 2024 furniture trends don't see this material leaving the home any time soon. Good leather furniture can last ten years or more when properly cared for and is easy to clean. Leather tends to be breathable, soft, and always looks classy.

But over-stuffed, lush pieces are a thing of the past as leather comes into modern use. Gone are the options of brown-tones-only. Today, buy a sleek piece in a popular color. This Radius Power Recliner in Ivory goes well in rooms with pastel schemes.

Rattan, Wicker, Rope, and Wood

For a while, "cottage core" and fairy houses ruled inspiration boards everywhere. Full of everything natural, rattan and wicker became material staples in the schemes. These materials are here to stay. Similarly, other materials like woven rope, teak wood, and sea grass are making their way into homes everywhere.

These pieces are sustainable, casual, and fit for indoor or outdoor use. Home accents are incorporating these materials at an accelerated rate. Take this Sweed Valley Jute Pouf, with a beautifully braided construction to use in homes full of Earth tones.

Glass and Reflective Surfaces

Using glass furniture and accents is one of the most contemporary ways to furnish a home. When used with reflective accents like mirrors, silver, and gold, it presents a refined look that's peak sophistication.

Glass is popular because it's super easy to clean. Fingerprints or small spills are no problem with glass furniture, as household staple glass cleaner takes care of the job quickly. It's also exceptionally sturdy and heavy, so you know it will stay in place.

One of the best ways to bring glass furniture into your home is with pieces like dining room tables or coffee tables. The Cassius Sofa Table is the perfect resting spot in the living room for coasters, cups, remotes, and reading material.

3) 2023 Furniture Trends: Aesthetics & Vibes

As long as homes and dwellings have existed, they've served a few key purposes. First and foremost, they provide cover, shelter, warmth, and protection from the elements. Second, the interior design lets guests know who you are, and the pieces meet your family's needs. But there are so many ways to accomplish this, and it all comes down to the aesthetic and vibe of your home. This may otherwise be known as your home's "style."

You'll hear words like transitional, mid-century modern, contemporary, glam, farmhouse, deco, minimalist, bohemian, industrial, eclectic, and more. What's great about these styles is that you can choose what's in for your home regarding furniture trends 2024 has to offer.

Right now, there are several that are growing in popularity.


Declutter, declutter, declutter. Get rid of the junk, throw out what you don't use, and donate what you can to charities. Give everything a home within your home–a place where it's put away neatly. Don't fill every inch of your floor or wall with furniture and decor. In fact, strip it down to just what you need.

Minimalism is very in and for a good reason. A decluttered house helps to declutter the mind, making you feel at ease and less stressed. With more open space, you don't feel as crowded, and you have a chance to breathe after everything the day throws at you.

We love the minimalist look, but keeping functionality in mind is crucial. You still need places to sit, eat, and keep all your items in a way that's fashionable and practical. This is the perfect entrance for multi-functional pieces. Think ottomans with lift-tops for storage, media consoles with cabinets to keep electronics neatly stored, or beds with storage drawers underneath.

The Sullivan Storage Bed does just that, and its pinewood construction and drift gray color go well in natural spaces.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern style takes inspiration from precisely that–the mid-20th century. Popular throughout the 1940s-1960s, it's making its way back on the scene. Many of the pieces possess a minimalist appearance, with sleek lines, open space, and functionality at the core of it all.

This style mixes in bits of eclectic and industrial themes with bold shapes and patterns. You'll also find a bit of vibrance, like jewel-toned pieces and materials that include metal and glass. You get it all in one cohesive design when you go mid-century modern.

Take the Astral 2-Door Accent Cabinet, featuring straight lines, natural wood stains, and iron hardware. It brings everything into one piece while providing a place to organize your belongings for a minimalist appearance.


Regarding furniture trends, 2024 gives you the prime opportunity to branch out and do something different with an eclectic style. Bold everything is in, and so are abstract organic shapes and patterns. You can mix and match pieces from virtually every defined style to create a space that's uniquely you.

You can have that jewel-toned accent chair with the glass coffee table that is so in and do something a little out of the ordinary by adding abstract pieces of art around the house. Try something like this Mirette Table Lamp to bring in a new exciting texture, or a new wall hanging like the Fabiana Wall Art in Gold (hint: it will match those jewel or Earth tones while featuring the popular metal and wood materials that are big yes's right now).

Furniture Trends 2024 Is Sure to Love

2023 furniture trends are a great starting point when examining furniture trends 2024 is sure to love. Switch up a few pieces in your home to elevate your lifestyle, or go all out and re-design your entire interior. This is the year to take leaps and bounds in every aspect of your life–interior design included. Shop with us at Mor Furniture for Less, and let's start the process.