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Home/Mor Furniture Blog/Lifehacks & Tips/What Is a Morning Room?

What Is a Morning Room?

Many modern homes have what historians commonly refer to as a "morning room." However, you may not even know you have one! Morning rooms are a space common in Victorian homes that still retain popularity today due to their versatility and pleasant atmosphere. While many elements of today's houses derive their concept and placement from homes of years past, it can be fun to learn more about the unique spaces your house has and how to utilize them for your current needs best.

At Mor Furniture for Less, we're here to answer all your home furniture, decor, and design questions. Our experts discuss the origin of morning rooms, ways to optimize the space in your home, and beautiful ways that you can style the room to create an inviting area for family and friends to gather.

Keep reading to learn more about the history of morning rooms, where they are in the home, common uses for the space, and our favorite furnishing and decor tips for this charming area in your house.

What Is a Morning Room?

Traditionally, morning rooms were rooms in large houses that received a lot of light during the early daytime. They were a type of "sitting room" that many people today refer to as the living room. Frequently, these old large houses had several different sitting rooms and used the morning room during peak daylight hours as they provided a natural, airy feeling. Morning rooms were most commonly incorporated into homes beginning in the early 1800s when a more formal way of life and entertaining was popular.

Sometimes, people hosted guests for coffee in their morning room. Others enjoyed breakfast as a family in the space. Some simply used the room as a place of respite to read, sip tea, or enjoy the natural sunlight the room let in. Morning rooms were considered a place to prepare for the day, whether that be physically or mentally. The idea of a morning room having several possible uses persists today.

The original morning rooms typically had a sizeable eastern exposure with vast windows to maximize the amount of sun in the space. This meant they were bright, welcoming, and often spots designed for leisure and relaxation.

Modern Morning Rooms

If you have an older house, you may notice that you have a traditional morning room that was incorporated into the original design of your home. You may use it as a sunroom, a company room, or even your primary living room. There's no wrong way to utilize your morning room. You may also use it in the traditional sense, as an overflow room for entertaining family and guests when they visit.

However, if you have a house built in more recent times, your morning room may be more challenging to spot. However, likely, you're already using it for its intended purpose. Many modern morning rooms, which many people today refer to as sunrooms, still feature large windows that face east. They often overlook beautiful aspects of your property. Whether providing a spot to gaze over open fields, a beautiful garden, or your outdoor pool or patio area, the idea of taking in surrounding nature is paramount to a morning room.

Today, many homeowners don't see the need for a formal sitting or entertaining area as those of the 1800s. Still, many enjoy an open, airy, and bright spot to enjoy a morning beverage or place to gather. One of the best parts about modern morning rooms is that they're adequately temperature controlled today. You're free to take in the beauty around you while remaining safe from extreme temperatures.

Typical placement of morning rooms includes a dedicated space directly off your foyer, close to the front door, where you can usher in guests. Or, it may be tucked away in the back corner of your home, away from the busy bustle of the main goings on in the rest of your house. Still, many modern builders incorporate the idea of a morning room as a sunny breakfast nook attached to the kitchen. You may have a modern morning room if any of these speak to you. If not, and you have the extra space to spare, you can still create a modern morning room in your house with the right style and decor tips.

Tips for Styling a Modern Morning Room

Morning rooms are all about peace, tranquility, and serenity. They're quiet spaces that allow you to gather your thoughts no matter the time of day. They also provide excellent seating areas during holidays, celebrations, and larger gatherings. If your morning room is more of a breakfast nook, it's a cozy place to enjoy a quick breakfast with the kids before school or to sip coffee on a lazy Saturday.

To make your morning room feel more modern and less stiff and formal, there are several design tips to keep in mind. Consider aspects ranging from the color palette to window treatments, furniture to home accents, floor coverings, and more.

Here are four tips for styling a modern morning room.

Keep a Light Color Palette

To keep with the traditional style of morning rooms and design a space that feels open and bright, stick to a lighter color palette. Bright, crisp whites are a common choice, which you can then layer with other light neutrals such as cream and beige. Other popular options include cool grays or even pastel greens and blues. Since morning rooms are all about taking in the outside, natural wood grains are also an excellent choice. Avoid dark colors such as navy, eggplant, or red, as these hues can make the room feel smaller and more cramped.

Stick with Minimalist Design

In modern morning rooms, less is more. Openness is crucial in morning rooms, so include only the furniture and decor you genuinely need. Avoid using the room as overflow for storage, the kid's playroom, or the home office. Instead, choose streamlined seating, such as a loveseat and accent chair with a sleek coffee or side table to rest books and beverages. Modern living room furniture will often do the trick.

Many people love to read in their morning rooms. Pick a modern bookcase with a low profile that provides only the space you need for your items. Try to keep furniture choices in line with the color palette of your walls and floors. When it comes to morning rooms, monochrome looks with just a splash of color are the go-to.

Use Light Window Treatments and Floor Coverings

While some rooms in your home call for blackout curtains, a modern morning room benefits more from sheer window coverings. Consider white or natural wood grain blinds and curtains that allow the light to shine through. This helps promote the sense of airiness that morning rooms are famous for.

Similarly, having a light floor covering, such as a white or gray rug, keeps with the theme. You can be creative here. Choose a white shag rug that emanates comfort, coziness, and luxury. Or, stick with a gray piece with sleek geometric lines. If you want to add a splash of color, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Choose from the lighter shades of nature, such as pastel green, tan, light blue, or even a calming periwinkle.

Add Greenery and Elegant Decor

Your modern morning room may not overlook a grand scenery, and that's okay. Instead, add greenery and house plants to the space to maintain the classic nature feel of the room's intent. The natural light of the space makes it the ideal space for all kinds of indoor plants. Strategically place larger houseplants in the corner of the room or tabletop greenery on end tables.

Additionally, though modern morning rooms are no longer such formal spaces, adding touches of elegant decor can significantly elevate the space. Consider hanging mirrors to maximize light even further, or place sophisticated metallic or mirrored serving trays and vases on surfaces for the perfect finish.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less Today

Mor Furniture for Less has all the furniture and decor pieces you need to style your modern morning room. Browse our extensive selection online or visit a showroom near you to shop in person. As the largest family-owned furniture chain on the west coast, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best styles at affordable prices. In fact, our exclusive Double the Difference Guarantee ensures that you get the lowest price in town, or we'll refund you the difference times two.

Shop Mor Furniture for Less today, and let's design the perfect modern morning room to suit your needs.