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Mor Furniture furniture for less
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Working With Color

Let’s face it adding color to our homes can be a challenge. First where do you start? What color do you want to go with? Do you only choose just one? How do you make sure you’re not going to regret this a month from now? These are all valid questions and they can make adding color to our homes pretty scary. Fortunately, with the addition of social media, we’ve been able to see what rooms bathed in color look like with the touch of a button, but how do you go about choosing the color(s) that are right for you? Read on, we’ve got a few useful tips to get you started.


Choose One Color in Several Shades

There Are Rules

There are real, legitimate rules according to our friends at HGTV. Designers typically stick with the 60-30-10 rule. They break color usage into percentages and it goes a little something like this:

  • 60% dominant color

  • 30% secondary color

  • 10% accent color

How does this break down exactly? Your dominant color is going to take up a good majority of the room, so think walls and flooring. Keep this in the neutral zone. Your secondary colors are going to be in your furnishings, feel free to add a little more color. Incorporate patterns and prints. Lastly pull brighter/bolder color into your room with and accent color and do it through your accessories.


When In Doubt, Switch It Out

The best part about adding color in small doses is your ability to switch it out as easily as you brought it in. Maybe the changing of the seasons calls for something a little warmer or maybe your mood is playing into your change of decor. No matter the situation, by keeping your bold pops of color limited to accent pieces you’ll be able to change the entire feel of your room with ease.