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Spruce Up Your Entryway

The entryway to a home is the equivalent of a first impression, but it’s typically neglected and left for last when it comes to decorating. However, when we eventually get around to doing something with the space we’re all tapped out of ideas. This is where we come in, we’re helping you spruce up your entryway with several, fun and fresh ideas. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, right?

Layered and Lived-in

When you’re thinking about upgrading your entryway always think about what kind of impression you want to make. Going for that lived-in look really adds warmth and comfort, think about a side table right when you walk in the door, add a few baskets for odds and ends- mail, keys, hats and scarves etc. Not all homes come with mudrooms and sometimes the front door is all we’ve got to work with, so try keeping a decorative basket or bin near the door for muddy shoes during the long winter months. Finish off the look by leaning framed artwork against the walls, who really needs to hang pictures anyway? Then again, we do love a good gallery wall!

Bold and Beautiful

There is nothing better than ushering guests in with lots of color. We recently wrote a great post on working with color, if you’re feeling daring you should check it out here. But let’s start with baby steps- your entryway. It’s typically a smaller space so let’s start with the flooring. Is there anything you can do to dress it up? Area rugs with bold prints and colors are perfect for breaking up the space and if you go with a darker color you can hide footprints and dirt. If you have the budget, think about laying down a checkered pattern with tiles or linoleum for a fun pattern. Wall color is a budget-friendly way to dress things up. Adding trim along the ceiling and/or floors can create clean lines and help to break up bold colors if you find yourself on the fence.


Colorful and Quirky

Similar to the section above, don’t be afraid to bring in color! If you consider yourself more of an out of the box individual take some risks with this part of your home. Give things a quirky look with fun accessories like colorful storage cans or bring out your wild side with a Paka Sculpture. If you have a more open entryway try placing a round table in the center of the space for an old-world feel.

Rustic Roots

Welcome guest into you home with a rustic look, this is a pretty popular style and when done well it can really add a rich look to any home. Now we don’t want to start nailing up the wood paneling, but worn benches next to the front door can really help to make a statement. Accent the space with wire baskets and a coat rack. Keep the colors more neutral and add mirrors for even more lighting. Think about adding a small gallery wall and bring in older photos of family members to complete the look.