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Love company, or at least need to accommodate it, but don’t have the space for a dedicated guest room with a lovely queen-sized bed? Then it might be time to consider a sleeper sofa.

First Things First: Couch vs. Sleeper Sofa


If comfort is your top priority, like “I want to sink into a cloud resting on top of a marshmallow cradled in the arms of a plush stuffy sitting atop a mountain of gummy bears” comfortable, then you definitely want a traditional sofa. Sleeper sofas—while far more comfortable than you may remember from your grandma’s house—are generally firmer than standard couches, as they rest atop the firm bed structure.


If cost is an issue, once again a traditional sofa will prevail. They are less expensive, so if keeping more money in your pocket is a priority, then the choice is clear. On the other hand, they make for far less comfortable sleeping for those friends and relatives who show up from time to time.


The truth is, you really needn’t sacrifice style or good looks with either a sleeper or a traditional couch. Both offer great options to suit almost any taste. And remember, style counts with a sleeper sofa because most of the time, it will be in sofa form, and hence needs to line up with your style and enhance your room.

A Sleeper Meets the Need? Great. A few things to consider.

The beauty of your sleeper sofa is its flexibility. It can go virtually anywhere in the house. Just remember, you’ll need to have room to extend the mattress, so measure first to be sure your space will allow for it.


A great way to get more value out of a studio is to have a sleeper sofa in addition to your bed. And if your space is really small, perhaps the sleeper will replace your bed entirely, giving you more entertaining and living options.


Your den is a great spot for a sleeper, as it can easily convert to a guest room with little impact on the rest of the family. It will also provide your guest with a measure of privacy not generally afforded in a living room. A sleeper sofa with a chaise is a great option for a den! Super comfy for stretching out and binge watching your favorite show!


While the living room is the obvious destination, remember, if maximum comfort is your priority, be sure to visit a showroom and see which sleeper sofa meets your comfort needs.


While a couch in a bedroom is not the norm, once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Great for browsing the news while enjoying a cup of java, while your significant other comfortably snuggles under the blankets. And if it’s a sleeper, the kids can sleep on it when company comes.

So Many Sleeper Sofa Choices

Sofa and chaise with trundle extension: a great looking option with plenty of lounging space (TIP: leave the trundle extended for extra comfy TV viewing and lounging!)

Sofa with gel cushions for extra comfort: some styles come with gel cushions to make up for the lack of spring support traditional couches can provide

Sofa with memory foam mattress: memory foam mattress provides a higher level of comfort and a better night’s sleep

Did you decide on a conventional or sleeper sofa? Let us know by commenting below, and be sure to check out our selection of living room furniture at Mor Furniture for Less!

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Home Organization and Storage

3/28/2019 11:08 AM

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, then you’ve been living under a home-organization rock. Her philosophy of discarding all possessions that fail to give you joy is a very marketable ideal, but for most of us, life isn’t quite that easy. We’re reasonably certain that there are plenty of things in closets, cupboards, nooks, and crannies around your home that may give your child/spouse/partner joy but do absolutely nothing for you! Unfortunately, tossing somebody else’s joy junk into the donation pile and joyfully hauling it away may not be an option.

Storage to the Rescue!

That’s right. You can’t toss someone else’s joy, but you can stow it. And do it with as much style as possible. Let’s see how we can maximize the usable space and reduce clutter with storage solutions room by room.


Storage Beds

Simple. Brilliant. Take all that space under your bed that’s collecting dust bunnies and fill it with drawers! Storage beds originated on sailing ships and were called “captains beds.” On ships, space was a very precious commodity. Combining the bed with the dresser was a clever way to save space. We leverage that same cleverness today in the modern storage bed.

Storage beds come in many styles and finishes, from traditional to contemporary, farmhouse to transitional, and in all sizes from twin to king. Consider using these subtle, but very generous storage drawers to stow away seasonal clothing or bedding that might otherwise be in the way.

Remi Storage Bed


Pretty much all nightstands have some drawer storage capacity, but if you find yours running over, you might want to consider cabinet nightstands. Cabinet nightstands will accommodate taller items, such as lotions or bottles, that might otherwise end up on the floor or cluttering the top and getting in the way, or worse, knocked over.


Dressers & Chests

Dressers come in more sizes and configurations than ever before. From the number of drawers to a range of styles, your dresser deserves a fresh look if you’re trying to maximize your storage options.

Chests have a narrower footprint and leave more space in the room. They can supplement or replace a standard dresser depending on your needs and space. They come in standard 4- or 5-drawer models, all the way up to 7-drawer chests with built in shelving or closets and other features like swivel bases and hidden mirrors.



The same storage solutions that work for your bedroom will work in your kid’s room as well. There are even storage bunk beds!

Sweetheart Bunk Bed


Another easy way to get things off the floor is with shelves. Yes, they hold books, but there are also plenty of colorful cube storage bins that will brighten the room and keep building blocks off the floor.


Media Cabinets & Credenzas

Our media cabinets, which range from 32 to 60 inches wide and around 32 inches high, are a great way to store all sorts of things and can serve as a TV console as well. So, while the need to store a library of DVDs or other media may increasingly be a thing of the past, our media cabinets are great for storing dishes or board games, not to mention wine and spirits!

Small media cabinets are great for entryways as well. Pop a bowl on top and have a handy place to drop keys, lose change, sunglasses, and other small items that you’ll want to grab as you dash out the door!

Media Cabinet

Storage Ottoman

Sit back, put your feet up, and relax. Not only are you supremely comfortable, but you’re also an extremely space-efficient organizational genius! Stash pillows, blankets, toys, and more while keeping them all in easy reach.


Storage Coffee Table

The coffee table can very stylishly serve as place to store all those things you love to have in your living room, but don’t want to see all the time. Have coasters, board games, books, and magazines at your fingertips without unsightly clutter. (If Marie Kondo stops by, she’ll be none the wiser!)

Coffee Table

Storage End Table

Stylishly bookending your sofa, end tables have long served as impromptu storage devices catching all manner of objects – the perfect way to keep a deck of cards or a ball of yarn at your fingertips, but out of sight. Some even have built-in USB chargers, which won’t help with storage, but will definitely keep your phone from running out of juice.

End Table


Once again, bookshelves come to the rescue. Personalize your room with a thoughtful display of books, collectibles, media, artwork, and even favorite toys (we’re looking at you, nerds) that are meaningful to you. Tuck small odds and ends into decorative boxes, and voila – what was once chaos is now artful and organized.


And there you have it. We can’t all joyfully discard all the stuff that surrounds us, but we can find stylish and subtle ways to store it. Let us know about your storage stories. We’d love to hear them.

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March is Red Cross Month

3/15/2019 4:32 PM

In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed March to be Red Cross Month. We at Mor Furniture join the larger community in honoring the Red Cross volunteer heroes who support our neighbors in times of crisis.

Every eight minutes the Red Cross meets a family who has lost everything. When disaster strikes, the American Red Cross is there to provide our communities with the shelter, food, water, and services, both medical and emotional, they so desperately need. That’s why Mor Furniture is getting involved. And it’s why we encourage you to get involved as well.

Mor Furniture VIP Weekend (March 16-17, 2019)

To help promote awareness of the critical work the Red Cross does in support of our communities, and to serve as a visual reminder for all of us to get involved, we will be giving away two Red Cross insulated 20oz thermal mugs FREE with any purchase (no minimum, limited to stock on hand, limit 1 set per household, while supplies last).

Our store associates will also be wearing touches of red in keeping with the spirit of the month and the mission of the Red Cross.

American Red Cross Giving Day: Be a Hero for Those in Need (March 27, 2019)

We encourage all of our customers, family and friends to be a hero for those in need by either becoming a Red Cross volunteer or making a financial donation. Your time or donation will help provide to thousands of families during the first devastating hours of a disaster.

The Shelter of Hope (May 1-8)

Mor Furniture is also proud to be a generous contributor to the 2019 Shelter of Hope fundraising campaign to take place from May 1-8 throughout San Diego, California. The Shelter of Hope is designed to drive awareness of the role the Red Cross plays in our communities. To put a spotlight on the need for emergency housing and other forms of support, the local Red Cross CEO Sean Mahoney will remain in a simulated shelter until the fundraising goal of $500,000 is met.

Mor Furniture has proudly contributed to this cause in support of our communities. We hope that you too will consider taking part as either a donor or volunteer. Learn more at

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Just when we think we know the size of our kids’ shoes, pants, jackets, bicycles—they change! Those pants now dangle above ankles, sleeves above wrists, and shoes, hardly worn, are ready to be donated or passed down to younger siblings.

Fortunately, children’s bedroom furniture is a bit more forgiving. Yet we still want to make smart and affordable decisions around our child’s changing furniture needs. What is the right size bed? And when do I buy it? These are all great questions, and we’re going to help answer them for you, and set you on the right path to furnishing your child’s bedroom.

First Things First-Bed Sizes

Twin and full beds measure 75 inches long. Twin-size beds are 39 inches wide. Full-size beds are generally 54 inches wide. Determining the right width of your child’s bed will depend on a few factors.

SPACE: How large is your child’s room? If it’s fairly small (10’x10’ or smaller), a full-sized bed will fit, but will leave less room for on-the-floor play. So, if your child is younger, you may wish to go for a twin.

AGE OF CHILD: As kids get older, their needs change, as do their behaviors. Older kids will spend far less time on the floor and far more time lounging on beds with books—or more likely, devices—in their hands. Plus, older kids like to think of themselves as being, well, older. Just as buying your little one her first big girl bed makes her feel all “growed” up, buying your middle-schooler a twin bed is a sure way to get an eye roll and an exasperated outburst of “I’m not a kid anymore!”

NUMBER OF CHILDREN SHARING A ROOM: If you have a couple of young ones in a single room, then two twins is almost always the way to go, unless the room is fairly large. If space is an issue, twin bunks are the ultimate space saver and also just lots of fun!

DOUBLING AS A GUEST ROOM: For some of us, having a guest room is a luxury we can’t afford. In those cases, we may have the kids double up with each other or slip into our own beds as we extend their room to a visiting auntie or cousin. If this is a scenario that is likely to play out in your home, then you might consider going with a full-size bed, or a twin-over-full bunk bed for your pint-sized kiddo.

When Space-Saving is the Biggest Priority

If getting a space saver is the single most important consideration, you have many options beyond merely a twin bed or twin bunk. So, for those of you with multiple children and limited bedroom space, consider these great options, all of which come in twin or full sizes:

DAYBEDS: Daybeds are designed to double as seating or lounging, and are generally placed flush to the wall, maximizing the amount of usable space in a room. (Daybeds can also contain trundle beds.)

TRUNDLE BEDS: Trundle beds, when collapsed, appear to be normal twin- or full-sized beds. But they have a built-in storage drawer that houses another mattress, allowing you to accommodate more little sleepers in a cost- and space-effective way!

BUNK BEDS: And as mentioned, bunk beds are the classic space saver and child entertainment system!

STORAGE BED: Another brilliant space saver is the storage bed. These beds have multiple drawers built into the frame, providing a massively efficient use of space.

What about children’s bedroom style?

Does style matter in a child’s bedroom? It all depends on your lifestyle, budget, and how you want your child to feel when in their room. A child’s room is more than the place they sleep. It’s where they play, where they imagine great adventures. It’s their place of security, comfort, and ownership. It is their room.

That said, how do you approach style for a kid’s room?

At the end of the day, parents or caregivers are making the purchase. If you are going to make the decision for your child, try to balance the factors that matter to you (quality, affordability, flexibility) with what would delight your child.

THEMED ROOMS: Is your daughter a princess or a ninja warrior in training? Does your son love race cars or books? Considering your child’s personality and interests can make the difference between a nice room and an awesome one! From race car beds to rustic bunks to charming beds for your little angel, a themed room can provide them with countless hours of delight and a lifetime of memories.

BRING THE KIDS IN TO MOR FURNITURE: That’s right. Set some parameters (size, cost) and bring them in (be sure to grab some free cookies and popcorn). They’re sure to find the room that will delight them.

CREATE A MOOD BOARD: This can be a fun exercise for any room, but super fun with your kids. Go online or grab some magazines and look for inspiration. Then come into the showroom and find the set that will line up with the vision you’ve laid out together!

When to buy and how much to spend on my child’s first bed?

Kids generally start sleeping in their own bed by the time they’re three years old. Which bed you choose really depends more on the factors discussed above than any other. How much you spend depends on your budget, space, and other priorities. Beds have fairly long life spans, so if you buy a full bed now, it can support your child for many, many years to come.

With a twin bed, you’ll spend a less money up front and have more space left in your kid’s room for other things or for play. Depending on the bed model, the difference in cost between a twin and a full may be insignificant, so other considerations may take priority.

So Which Is Best? The Answer Is: It Depends

If you’d rather spend less money in the short run, a twin bed is the cost-effective solution. A twin bed will also take up less space in a smaller room, and it might be easier for a child, just transitioning out of their crib, to adjust to. Additionally, with the average life span of most beds being 10 years, it might make sense to buy a twin bed now and then purchase a larger bed when your child is older.

You’ll spend a little more up front for a full bed, but it will fit your child for a longer period of time. And if you have the space for a full, it might be a good idea to make the investment. Plus, options like daybeds, trundle beds and bunk beds are excellent at saving space and also come in larger sizes.

What size bed did you choose for your child when the time came? Let us know by commenting below!

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Different Types of Recliners

1/25/2019 2:28 PM

If you’re looking for the most comfortable and relaxing way to kick back and unwind at home, you may need to consider a recliner. A reclining chair makes it easy to go from sitting upright to lying down comfortably in seconds, which is just what you need after a long day. Whether you want to keep it simple with a traditional recliner or prefer to go all out with a massage recliner you’ll never want to get out of, here’s what to look for as you shop for this luxurious addition to your home.

The Traditional Recliner

Recliners were first introduced in the early part of the 20th century, but they are far from old-fashioned. Traditional recliners offer upright positions and reclined position with a foot rest. Many Traditional Recliners are equipped with modern features to consider. If you have a room with lots of space, you will have more options for a standard recliner or even an oversized recliner. But small spaces can also benefit from wall hugger recliners that are shorter and less likely to hit walls or other furniture. Additionally, consider the features that you want in a recliner. Choose from optional swivel, massage and heat, and power recliners to make your recliner your happy place.


Rocker Recliners vs. Glider Recliners

Combine the classic nursery stable with the modern recliner and you get the perfect living room seat. By adding a rocking motion to a traditional recliner, a rocker recliner can lull anyone to sleep. Rocker recliners are not only useful in the living room but they can also make a great nursery chair. Rocker Recliners generally give the user several angle options leading to a great traditional comfort in any size room. Rocker recliners are perfect for those looking to rock and recline, and with total body and lumbar support at all times.

A Glider Recliner is similar to a Rocker Recliner except that the mechanism that provides the motion is slightly different. A Rocker provides a slightly more seesaw type of motion while a Glider Recliner is more like a kid's swing-like motion. in technical terms, a rocker recliner moves along an arched path like a rocking chair but a glider recliner moves back and forth on a linear track, giving you a similar motion without the potential feeling of tipping.

glider recliner

Power Recliners and Added Features

Adding additional features and electronics can raise the price, but can also give you a better product. For example, well-built rocker recliners can cost around $500, while massage and electric recliners can be a little more expensive, starting around $800. More recent models contain USB ports for charging or lift chairs for people with limited mobility. Power recliners can be a great option for those with limited mobility. All of these options will increase the price but can be worth the increase in usability.

power recliner

Wall Hugger Recliners

Wall hugger (sometimes called Wall saver) recliners take up less space than the traditional recliners making them easy to fit into smaller room or limited space. If space is an issue, wall hugging recliners give you max comfort in limited space. As a comparison, a standard recliner requires anywhere from 1 to 3 feet of space between the chair back and wall. The wall hugger can reduce the distance by up to half. While you tend to sit straight up in a wall hugging recliner while not reclined, the position can make it much easier to get out of the seat with minimal movement. People will weak knees love this reclining chair.

Push-Back Recliner

As the name implies, a push-back recliner can recline by pushing back with your body while sitting in the chair with no levers or buttons required. Without an mechanism, this type of recliner looks most like an armchair giving your room a traditional feel. Pushback recliners aren’t as comfortable as overstuffed recliners and without a footrest may require an ottoman. But overall the pushback recliner can give a reclining feel without compromising style.

Massage Chairs

I’m sure you already know about the great benefits of massages. With a variety of styles and features, massage chairs are the most luxurious type of recliner. Generally, the most expensive type of recliner, massage chairs vary in functions, but all include brilliant technology and advanced comfort. With heat, and full body options have a look at the main functions of each chair and you’ll find the right massage chair for you.

How much do recliners cost?

Finding a recliner that fits your body and budget can be difficult. A quality lounger should last at least 10 years with regular use and cost between $250 and $5,000 depending on the features and quality. When choosing a price consider the pros and cons of the options for your body, style, and budget.

Leather Recliners Vs. Fabric Recliners

The price or your recliner can also depend on your style. The leather recliner is the most durable but can also be the most expensive, about $1,000 and up. If you decide leather recliners match your style, choose a thick, top-grain leather or synthetic microfiber which can resist water damage. Vinyl recliners can be a great affordable option because it looks and feels similar to leather, but vinyl is less durable and can sometimes crack after a few years of heavy usage. Wool fabric recliners are also a top choice because of their long-wearing and naturally stain-resistant nature. Fabric recliners can also bring an elegant and classic feel to any room.

The Best Recliner for Your Budget

The best way to decide if the extra comfort and convenience are worth the extra money is to make sure you try out your recliners before you buy. Looks are important, but comfort and usability are key. While you are testing make sure that you can easily operate the recliner and it doesn’t squeak or make any noise which could be a sign of loose parts. Test the chair's footrest several times to make sure it's easy to maneuver. Additionally, take a look at the bottom of the chair to check that the parts are of good quality. Heavy duty screws are much better than plastic fasteners and much less likely to break.

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